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For Companies
Explore Ukrainian IT Talents
Feel the power and efficiency of engineers simultaneously in all Ukrainian IT hubs
  • We focus on long-term engagements with customers that require teams of engineers
  • We provide remote teams of engineers from Ukraine
  • Our unique recruitment process combines both:
    • Headhunting and
    • Roadshow - attracting IT talent through online events
Your benefits choosing us
No Extra Charge
No upfront payments or subscription fees. We work on an income distribution model. Whole team = one contract = one monthly based payment
Without Hassle
Dedicated Team = Dedicated Support. Setting up all processes: personnel accounting, intellectual property, compliance, tax accounting - under the control of the ITdepo team. Personal account manager and people manager included.
Just Launch
Launch your development and R&D office remotely. Communicate in English. We set up the communication environment: Slack, Jira and other management and control tools.
For Engineers
Move forward
Build your career on your own
Connect to the global world
  • Work with international Clients directly on global projects staying at home
  • All your administrative chores are ours. Improve your skills and grow
  • Non-stop flow of projects. Came once, you stay forever.
How We Work
We work hard every day to make life of our clients and partners better and happier
  • Let's Talk
    First, tell us about your needs and product.
    ITdepo account manager will contact you to discuss the ideal engineering team.
    - Tell us about the technical skills you need
    - Any minor skills
    - Also any specific soft skills you need
  • Launch Development Team
    We combine the two approaches at the same time. Including headhunting, we differ from competitors in extended capabilities due to online events to attract engineers of the right stack. It's called the Roadshow. No extra charge.
  • Vetting Process
    Each candidate undergoes a rigorous skill test. We check technical skills, offer to solve a test task and knowledge of English. For more details about the process, see below.
  • Commitment and Support
    ITdepo's account manager arrange all administrative tasks. From hiring to onboarding. From contract preparation to payroll and tax accounting. Without overhead bills. Only monthly engineers salary, agreed in the beginning.
Vetting Process
Candidate Screening
First of all, we have a huge database of candidates. Anyway,
we take into account the progress of each engineer at the pre-selection stage, experience, and determine seniority.
Test Task Solving
The pre-selected candidates solve the test task. This can be a task from Coderbyte or prepared in advance by ITdepo engineers. The solution is carefully checked by ITdepo engineers, whose experience clearly exceeds the candidate's.
Technical Interview
The main stage of the selection. Experienced ITdepo engineers interview the candidate one-to-one. There are dedicated interviewers for each set of stack. Complex stacks (algorithms, AI, ML, etc.) are interviewed by PhDs.
Final Interview With Customer
Almost reached the goal! Confirmed candidates who have passed the selection stages are ready for an interview with You. According to our statistics, 75% of candidates pass the final interview.
Discover Ukrainian talents through online events.

ITdepo.Roadshow is an event or series of events that takes place online.
The goal is to engage with the audience and let them fall in love with your product. Only those engineers who will pass the ITdepo validation will get access to the event. This event is for open-minded, ready to communicate partners and customers. Meet dozens of suitable engineers at one event and communicate directly with your future team!
Discower the stages and example of timetable below.
ITdepo.Roadshow Stages
  1. We agree with you date and time when the event will take place. ITdepo will prepare a complete interactive presentation about your company and product.
  2. Then we attract suitable engineers from our base and other sources. Each registered participant is pre-selected. No strangers, only valid candidates.
  3. The arrangement is handled by our parent company Hackathon.Expert. Preparation lasts a week.
Event delivery
  1. Now comes the fun part. It's time for an online event where an audience of vetted engineers gathers on one side, and a customer's representative on the other side.
  2. The presentation is carried out using interactive tools. With online voting, polls and questions. All in English.
  3. ITdepo carries out moderation. Only a friendly environment.
Timetable how it usually goes, see below.
Post event processing
After the event, the engaged engineers are funneled thru:
  • Test task solving
  • Interview with ITdepo engineers
  • Final interview with the customer's representative - already familiar faces.
Accept, start up the work of engineers. Enjoy!
Roadshow Timetable (example)
Working day
18:00 – 18:10
18:00 – 18:10
An event opening
ITdepo & Hackathon.Expert team
Opening remarks from the organizers, announcement of the parties. Checking all the points.
18:10 – 18:30
18:10 – 18:30
Company&Product presentation
Customer's representative, ITdepo, Hackathon.Expert team
It's time to talk about the product and engage your audience. At the same time, we collect feedback and answers to questions in the presentation. Everything goes smoothly thanks to the technical support by ITdepo.
18:30 – 19:15
18:30 – 19:15
Q&A session. Live communication
Customer's representative, ITdepo, Hackathon.Expert team, auditorium of engineers
We are as close as possible to interested and selected engineers. Live communication, answers to questions and ... insights from the audience.
19:15 – 19:30
19:15 – 19:30
Closing event
Customer's representative, ITdepo, Hackathon.Expert team, auditorium of engineers
Last-minute conversations, Q&A, closing an event.
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